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Translife dressing service hove east sussex UKAs the title suggests we have the pleasure of offering short make-up lessons to a full crossdressing service which can include accommodation if required. There are many organisations offering a similar crossdressing range of  services all around the UK and we know making a choice of which dressing service to select is not always easy.

You may well ask yourself what makes Translife any different from any other dressing service, after all the basic premiss is surly the same for everyone? To be honest you would be right, however, as with most things it is attention to detail that often makes all the difference. In a people business understanding, experience and know how go a long way but so does believing. By believing I mean genially caring about what you are doing and trying to achieve. I’m one of the lucky people I often refer to myself as “Trans Gifted”, because I can live my life open and to the full as both a male and a “female” so crossdressing is these days easier for me. Being surrounded by people who know about my life style, embrace and support it makes life easier for me, it has sadly not always been that way. I understand what it is like to feel alone and frustrated and the brief periods of joy you have when you can finally release the inner you. It is this knowledge that drives us to provided the best service / experience we can for you.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with clients of all ages from 20-80 so age is never a barrier to looking and feeling great, it’s all about making the most of what we have! If you want to try a new look or experience a whole new you we will do our very best to ensure your time with us is a great experience. We make no outlandish statements but offer a good value and honest service.

As with most things in life good communication is the key to success, and this is no exception. We have developed a Customer Enquiry Page specifically to capture the key information prior to your visit. Sounds interesting no? In simple terms if we know your size, style and general requirements it provides us with the starting point on which to formulate the day so, please take some time out to visit our Profile Page if you are considering visiting us.

Most dressing services provide a whole range of packages for this and that, when I have looked at them they confuse the hell out of me so we have a simple approach. We work on a flat rate system – no we do not clock watch! As a guide we offer:

Make-Up Lessons

-  Basic Make-Up Lesson 1-1.5 hours £25
-  Advanced Make-Up Lessons 2-3 hours these often go to 3.5 hours and includes  photographs and changes of wig styles if required we are flexible.

Dressing Service

The full dressing service includes a make-over, false nails, lashes,silicon breast forms (we have a full range of silicon breast forms), clothing, footwear, jewellery and all the little things that can make a difference. The duration can vary from a few hours to a whole week or more.

As a guide we have a section on our main website that lists the majority of the service we offer and the related prices just click on the icon below and we will take you there.
Translife crossdressing / dressing service price list
Inquire about translife dressing service

Organization Brief :
Organization Name : Translife Dressing Service
Website : www.translife.co.uk
Telephone No. : 01273 779467
Address : 35 Brunswick Street WestHoveEast SussexBN3 1EL -0.16028

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  1. Sean De Lacy
    Sean De Lacy July 12, 2012 at 3:32 pm · Reply

    Hi There

    I live in Brighton and wanted some advice with breastforms I have also recently brought a wig I have fallen out with and wanted advice on wigs aswell. I would be interested in having a 1.5 hour makeover and seeing what concealers you have and how affective they are.

    Thanks x

  2. Dave
    Dave December 13, 2012 at 2:20 am · Reply

    Thank’s I have been thinking about it 4 years ago but I will be gitting hold off you soon 4 a full make over soon happy xmas see you soon Dave

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