Creating Cleavage for cross dressing

Creating Cleavage for cross dressing

One of the most popular questions we get asked is how do I go about creating cleavage? In a recent survey it was said that the average ladies bust is now a “D” cup – something I personally find difficult to believe, but the facts were there in black and white.

Most Bra manufacturers were reporting increased sales in the large size and cup bras. Ah ha so what they are trying to tell us is that the “average” woman is getting dare I say larger and therefore proportionally there boobs are getting bigger, this I can believe.

This does not explain why when you stroll down the street you find that so many women appear to have eye catching bust lines (all observed in the interest of research of course). The true answer really lies in the fact that there is a marked increase in the sales of push up bras, enhancer bras and gel bras all giving mother nature a helping hand in creating a cleavage to behold!

If we were to combine the latest bra designs with chest tape, enhancers and cosmetics what would we get? Well sounds like a lot of scaffolding I know but if your willing to go with me on this one then creating cleavage will be easy.
In true blue peter style this is basically what you may require:

What do we need for creating cleavage?

a) Enhancer design bra I have gone for a La Senza padded design great for creating cleavage my size is a 36A for this exercise
b) Silicone enhancers or chicken fillets as they are sometimes refereed to provides more volume when creating cleavage.
c) Translife lift bra
d) Highlight makeup for shading the chest area.

Enhancer bra combined with silicon enhancers

Figure 1 – Enhancer bra with Silicon enhancers

Step 1 – Not everyone is blessed with excess tissue around the pectoral muscle but do not despair this should not be a problem, after all creating cleavage is an art form and an illusion only. Put on your favourite enhancer bra and slip in the silicone enhancers. When you are creating cleavage nsure the silicone enhancers are placed correctly for me they are as near to the armpit as possible without showing this creates the best results. This should provide some form of cleavage? Figure 1 shows hopefully what it will look like.

Create your perfect cleavage using the translife cleavage bra

Figure 2 – Translife Cleavage Bra, if you wish to purchase this item click on the above icon

Step 2 – Place the “Translife Bra” (figure 2) over the existing bra. This design embraces the cups of the enhancer bra and helps life the chest up giving a fuller look (figure 3), which is the start of creating cleavage to be proud of. The front clasps helps to pull your new boobs together.

Translife cleavage bra in place creating a fuller more female clevage

Figure 3 – Translife Cleavage bra in place creating a fuller cleavage

Creating a cleavage - the finished look

Figure 4 – Add a little make-up magic to enhance your new cleavage

Step 3 – With a little shading you can enhance the look even more. Start by creating cleavage in an arch at the top of the breast area using a medium blusher or bronzer, then fill in the main area which forms the bust with an an iridescent powder. I use Mac Iridescent powder silver dusk (figure 5) as it adds sparkle, shin and makes the whole area cleavage area pop or stand out better.

Mac Powder

Figure 5 – MAC Iridescent Powder Siver Dust can be purchased by clicking on this link